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Municipality of Wierden

Gemeente WierdenEnergy Watch supports the municipality Wierden to meet the ambitions with respect to energy use and renewables, providing energy scenarios, monitoring and sustainability of residential areas.


The municipality of Wierden is situated in the north-east of Twente, in the province Overijssel. It contains the villages Wierden en Enter, and the hamlets Hoge Hexel, Notter, Zuna, Rectum, Ypelo and Bornerbroek. Wierden has the ambition to become a futureproof, sustainable municipality.


The energy transition is to a large extent a local transition. Therefore, municipalities play an important role in the energy transition, having to bring together local targets, local potential and realization. These local aspects are specifically dominant for the introduction of the introduction of renewable energy sources on land, such as wind and solar energy, and sustainability of residential areas.