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Alliander logoEnergy Watch supports Alliander in their investigation of the control possibilities of modern wind turbines in their grid. For this purpose, a project plan and measurement campaign has been established which will provide deeper insight into the potential savings, controllability, market opportunities and grid compliance of variable renewable generators.


Alliander is the largest distribution system operator in the Netherlands. Their primary objective is the reliable and affordable distribution of gas and electricity. Alliander wants more insight into the characteristics and behaviour of renewable energy so that they can plan and prepare their networks and thus facilitate the energy transition.


Current trends show an increasing shift from centralized to decentralized power generation and it is expected that a large part of this generation will be supplied by variabel renewable energy sources. A new factor is that both generation and load will partly occur within the medium voltage grid. This energy must be distributed as efficiently, reliable and affordably as possible and this requires flexibility with regard to power supply- as well as the demand.