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Dynamic Power Management

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Energy Watch has initiated the project “Dynamic Power Management” within the Dutch Far-and-Large-Offshore-Wind (FLOW) innovation program and executed one of the main project tasks. The goal of this project was to investigate the potential reduction in cost of energy for offshore wind when applying an integrated approach in the development and operation of a wind farm and it's grid connection.


TenneT TSO is the electricity transmission system operator (TSO) for the Netherlands and a large part of Germany. With around 22,000 kilometers of high-voltage lines, TenneT is responsible for a reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity in the high-voltage grid, servicing over 41 million people. Goal of TenneT is to ensure that essential high-voltage infrastructure is developed, realized and managed efficiently, now and in the future. This covers onshore and offshore grids, as well as cross-border interconnections.


In the current practice of off-shore wind farms, there is little or no integrated approach to develop and to operate the combined system of wind farm and grid (inter-)connection, thus leading to a less than optimal utilization rate of the grid (inter-)connection. The underlying vision: “Towards a power plant approach”, reflects the idea that wind energy can be developed more efficiently with the complete value chain in mind, and by doing so contribute more to the flexibility that is required in the electricity markets.
The objectives of the project “Dynamic Power Management” are:
  • Improved utilization rate of the grid (inter-)connection
  • Improved return on investment of the wind farm, for a given connection capacity
  • Reduced cost of energy from offshore wind energy

More information: www.flow-offshore.nl